Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Anybody out there?

Hello, hello!

Well, it's been a while, since you've last heard from me - something like three year-ish or so ;)

I guess I just got overwhelmed with the whole blogging stuff, opening an Etsy-Store (and closing it a while ago), keeping up with my Facebook- and Ravelry-Page, answering e-mails and so on. It just didn't feel like fun anymore, more like a full-time job without time for the things I really enjoy, like being creative for example.

Over the last few years, I kept thinking about what I want to do with this blog: Starting over? Keeping it like it is, so you still have access to my patterns? Closing it completely?

Then something happened last week: we did a little bit of decluttering here in our apartment and put lots of stuff on Ebay, like old cell phones, cameras, books, etc. (you know, the same stuff that you, too, probably got lying around in your drawers and cabinets). I also went through my crochet books and my yarn stash and put together a few packages. And then, when I was seeing all my beautiful yarn being sold on Ebay, I thought "wow, those are some gorgeous things, I sure would bid on something like this" - Stupid, isn't it? :)

Anyway, it reminded me of all the fun I had hooking up all those projects, big and small, and sharing it with you here. So I opened the blog again, read some of my old blog posts and your lovely comments on my work. And I thought - well, maybe this wasn't it, yet.

So I decided to stop by today, say hi and spread some love on Valentine's Day :)

Just because I haven't written a single blog post in the past few years, doesn't mean I haven't been creative, though. Every once in a while I play around with my Stampin' Up things, doing some paper-crafting. I discovered Zentangle (some kind of meditative doodling), and recently I've made my first book-folding project, which you can see here:

And - of course - I've been crocheting some things over the past few years: blankets, potholders, coasters - you know me :) (And you didn't really think I've got rid of ALL my yarn, did you? *gg*)

So, what are my plans for the blog now? I'm not sure yet, seems I have to clean up here a little, first. Unfortunately, all the link-ups have expired, so my patterns-page looks pretty naked right now. I also want to check my Facebook and Ravelry-Page and put everything up-to-date. Sorry for being AWOL (absent without leave) for so long and not answering comments or questions, but I had turned off all notifications after a while to take a breather. Other than that, I wanna take it slow, just writing a post now and then, when I feel like it.

So, but how have YOU all been doing? Who's still there and who are the new kids in town? :) Let me know in the comments!

Wish you lots of love today,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I know, I know, I've already posted this last year,
but this is just my favorite Christmas Cartoon:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meet Rajeswari from "Diaper Mum"

It's the third Sunday in Advent and I'm happy to share with you another guest-post in my "Meet in K-town"-series. Today Rajeswari from Diaper Mum has come all the way from Hong Kong to chat a little about her beautiful blog...

"Thank you dear Barbara for inviting me as a guest in your very creative space @ Made-in-K-Town. It really is a special honor to be writing this for you and all your lovely readers!

My name is Rajeswari and besides being happily married and mom of 2 kids, I own my happy space at “Diapermum”. My home country is India but I live in Hong Kong right now. I used to be a run-off-the-mill IT consultant before I was blessed with my little angel and later on with my charming prince. Crocheting and crafting were my passions since childhood days and being a stay at home mom gave me the perfect oppurtunity to get back to my crafty adventures. Blogging has been my creative outlet and has connected me with so many amazing and talented people from all over the world.

In my little space I share my creations in crochet, paper craft, home decor and general ramblings of a crafty lady.
Through this blog I wish to share some of my own patterns and ideas, free of course. I have found inspiration in so many blogging sites and I try to spread this joy. For me creativity is not a hobby but a way of life! A day is not complete unless I make some mess! Being artistic or even appreciating art is the only thing that makes the human being a superior race and I want my kids to be sensitive to art.
Crocheting has always been my first love and a life saver many a days. Some days are not as good as others and those days crochet is the perfect comfort craft to ease away all the blues.

With little ones around and Hong Kong compact living spaces I do not get much time or space for persuing other crafts as much as I like. But I do ocassionally dabble in paper crafting, quilling and general DIYs for home improvement.

So if you are in a mood for some crochet therapy, color riot, paper crafting ideas, child management skills mistakes or just some laughs do stop over @ my blog –Diapermum – A Mum’s Crochet and Crafty space. 

Thank you dear Barbara for bringing us crocheters and crafters together. I had a blast writing this post for you and all your lovely readers! Hope to “meet” you over a good cuppa and some crochet of course and if I may add “We’ll always have YARN!”

Thank you Rajeswari for this sympathetic glimpse into your colorful, crafty world! And one more suggestion to you, dear readers: when you hop over to Diaper Mum, you just have to check out Rajeswari's Giant Granny Patch Blanket - such a beautiful blanket in stunning colors, captured in wonderful pictures!

I asume this was the last guest-post in 2013 - I'd like to thank all my guests this year for coming over and chatting with me, and all my readers for their interest and feedback. I hope that I can lure more guests over to k-town in 2014, and introduce you to some more exciting crochet and craft blogs!

Happy Sunday everyone, and don't forget: Only 9 more days until Christmas!! :) 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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